Suggested Pro-Life Prayers


 God of heaven and earth, you create every human life in your image. You knit us with care and sustain us each day. You shower us with gifts and look on us with pride. You alone are the source of every good thing. You are our strength, our courage, and our hope.

Lord, we lament for a world that does not recognize the value of every life, whether born or preborn. We cry out to you on behalf of the lives lost each day through abortion. We grieve with those who grieve the loss of children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

Lord, we lift up in prayer to you those who need you most: For those, even Christians, who believe the lie of culture that life is only as valuable as its capabilities or resources, we ask for you to soften hearts and reveal your truth.

For the many, many women who want to keep their unborn children but cannot see any possible options for doing so, we pray for support, encouragement, and for sisters and brothers in Christ to rise up and meet their needs.

For women told lies about the impact that choosing abortion will have, and for women who are told they have no choice, Lord, we ask for clarity and courage. For men who will never know or hold their child, and are left to wonder “what if,” we pray for comfort and strength. For women whose bodies have been damaged, some even to the point of death, by an abortion, Lord, we pray for healing.

Mighty God, we cling to your promises— for justice to be fulfilled, for your grace to be made known, and for your peace to rule in hearts and minds and lives. Help us to live out the vision you have given us for life in this world. Give us the will and the courage to put the lives of others before our own and to advocate on their behalf, to sacrifice where necessary and to serve where needed.

Lord, you are ever-faithful. Make us faithful in our service to you. Amen.


 O God, the Father and Creator of all human life, help us never to become discouraged in defending the full breadth of that most precious gift, from the miracle of fertilization to the spiritual serenity of a natural death. Inspire us to remember that without You, we are powerless, and that what we do for the least, especially the helpless unborn dearest to You, we are actually doing for Your Son, who lives and works in and through us. Protect us against the wiles and wickedness of the devil, “a murderer and a liar from the beginning”. May the Holy Spirit enlighten us along our daily way. Amen.

Oh Jesus, Who gave Your life for ours, give us words of love and wisdom to say to pregnant mothers who are thinking about abortion, give us the courage to speak, and perseverance in witnessing to life. Amen.
Amen2009 Catholics United for Life of North Texas, Inc.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Unborn and Queen of Heaven and Earth, please send your Holy Angels to assist us as we work to help protect the unborn and their parents. AMEN!

Pro-Life Meditations on the Mysteries of the Rosary, by Frank Pavone

 The rosary is a devotion strongly embraced by the pro-life movement. This is so for good reasons, because in the Hail Mary we praise a mother, and we worship the fruit of her womb. Our salvation began because a mother said yes to the life within her! In the rosary we also say, "Pray for US sinners." We don't point the finger at others, but rather at ourselves. We know that sin that is in the world, but we start by repenting of the sin within us. That is the best way to rebuild the Culture of Life.

Mysteries of the Holy Rosary Pro-Life Meditations