Guidelines for praying on site

1 John 3:17 “But, if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?”

Why we pray on site:
1.) Because, workers who have left abortion clinics report that the number of women entering an abortion facility declines when there is a prayerful presence of people outside.
2.) To witness our faith in the Power of Prayer.
3.) To show support to families/women conflicted by the thought of abortion, but who feel burdened by the pregnancy.
4.) To change the hearts and minds of families considering abortion and workers in the abortion industry.

Guidelines when Advocating or Praying at an Abortion Site:

We stand at the abortion clinic in the place of Christ, interceding for Him on behalf of His children. As such, we must conduct ourselves in such a way as to truly represent Him and His Charity and Mercy. Make no mistake - Satan stands opposing you, and he will use anything and everything against you to make you fail, including your own pride, anger, or timidity, et cetera. Just remember: this is not about YOU. It is about being a channel of Christ’s Grace to the men, women, and children who are being harmed by abortion. Allow yourself to be that channel, and remember that ALL souls are valuable, including those of the clinic workers, mothers, fathers, and the babies in peril, because they are all individually and uniquely made in His Holy Image and Likeness. Approach everyone with His Charity and Mercy, regardless of who they are, because He offered Himself on the Cross for each and every one of them too.

This is not a protest or “picket” All our actions are peaceful and legal and we want them to remain so. We are here to persuade those who are seeking an abortion to let their babies live and to pray in reparation for all sins of abortion, and for the sin of indifference in the face of this evil. We do this by prayer and sidewalk counseling. It is crucial that you KNOW and FOLLOW these guidelines:


Every thing you do must be legal! They WILL call the police and report you if you step out of line. They WILL lie to the police to get what they want. We have experience in that area. Remember: THEY KILL BABIES FOR A LIVING! Be watchful of your own movements, and don’t hesitate to remind others!

• Your presence here where the babies die “will be the only human love they will know on this earth”. Be mindful of your actions. Attitude, dress and a show of mindful respect count! Be loving, not confrontational.

•We strongly recommend you be there with a prayer partner.

• You MUST get prior approval of any signs, placards, or pictures that you would like to display while at the abortion site. Do not overtly display rosaries or crucifixes that might appear threatening to those coming to the abortion center.

• Do not block access to any parking lots or entrances to the abortion chamber. IT IS ILLEGAL AND THEY WILL CALL THE POLICE.

• Do not physically impede the progress of anyone on the sidewalks or driveways. Never in any way touch, embrace or physically contact anyone coming to the abortion center without their permission. THIS IS CONSIDERED ASSAULT AND THEY CAN PRESS CHARGES. They have done so in the past.

• Obey any commands of police officials who may show up. If their orders are illegal, we will settle it in court. Do not argue with them, be welcoming. If they come, they are here to protect our rights. Thank them for being there for you. Refer them to the leader(s) of the Vigil.

• If media people come, refer them to the Vigil leader(s) for comments.

• Do not shout at anyone, most especially those who are seeking an abortion. Phrases like “Please don’t kill your baby” shouted at women are perceived as hostile and are generally counterproductive.

• Let the EXPERIENCED “Sidewalk Counselors” do their work! Please do not interrupt them when they are talking to abortion seekers.

• Keep praying especially while sidewalk counselors are trying to dissuade someone from entering the abortion center.

• Don’t get into arguments with abortion workers, or others who might be at the abortion center from other faith denominations, even when they try to engage you.

Remember, just keep praying! Remain respectful. “Christ is being crucified in our midst. You are serving as a witness to the wrongness and evil of what goes on at the killing center. We may not be able to save these babies lives, but we can lift up our hearts to God Almighty on their behalf.”

Come in a spirit of prayer. You may pray spontaneously and/or written pro-life prayers. Please CLICK HERE for some suggested pro-life prayers.

If you are interested in doing sidewalk advocacy outreach please contact us at: [email protected] for training and questions.